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Your child’s safety is most important. Knowing if your child got safely on the bus is only a very small part. On The Bus has the ability to tell you if your child safely got on the bus and can tell you what classroom your child is in at school, in real-time!  You can see in real-time if your child got on the bus, if your child is in the school building, where your child is inside of the school, if your child is currently on the school property, and much more!  In case of a school fire, active shooter, or another catastrophe you need to know where your child is at!  You need to get On The Bus!

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With On the Bus you and your child know exactly when the bus will arrive, there is no more guessing. When you get On The Bus there’s no need to have your child waiting in wet, cold and freezing temperatures, or standing in the blistering heat to catch the bus. With On the Bus you can also see if your child has personal belongings, such as; expensive musical instruments, gym bags, backpacks, and even library books that are on the bus. You can see in real-time if those items have been accidentally left on the bus or left back at school. You can even see what classroom at the school these belongings are currently in!

How Does On The Bus Work?

On The Bus sends the GPS location of the bus and sends the occupancy and content of the bus. On The Bus is smart enough to automatically send a list of items loaded on the bus, like; backpacks, bookbags, musical instruments, and library books to the NovoTrax “Smart City” tracking system. NovoTrax then sends this information to you on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. This allows you to see where the bus is currently located in real-time, and also lets you see what items are on the bus that is associated with your child. No one else can see your child or see your child’s belongings, but you can see everything related to your child. You see everything on a GEO map in relation to your home. If your child gets off of the bus and accidentally leaves a personal belonging on the bus, the system automatically notifies the driver so that your child can go back and get the item. If your child accidentally leaves a personal item at school, the system automatically notifies you and tells you what room the item is currently located.

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