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Child Safety On The Bus and Inside The School

Only On The Bus by NovoTrax has the power to give you real-time data showing if your child is safely on the bus and safely inside their classroom!

A Bigger Picture

NovoTrax and On The Bus are revolutionizing the way parents, businesses, schools, cities, counties, and states think.

NovoTrax and On The Bus break down the silos within each of these entities and puts them all on the same informational page. On The Bus is part of the bigger picture of a true “Smart City” environment connecting all stakeholders together and sharing critical life-saving data.

NovoTrax and On The Bus can effectively connect parents and schools with police departments, fire departments, hospitals, and more!

On The Bus and The NovoTrax system allow parents to see exactly where their child is when they go to school. Parents can look at their mobile app and see where their child is located while riding on a school bus and while attending class inside the school.


Child safety is what On The Bus is all about!

With On The Bus and NovoTrax parents can see where their child is located inside the school building in the event of a school fire or in the event of an active shooter. Police and firefighters can also see where children are located inside of the school.

When police departments, fire departments, and other first responders are connected in a true “Smart City” environment like NovoTrax and On The Bus, first responders can be automatically dispatched to help your child before the threat escalates.

For example: if a school bus is in an accident and tips over with “On The Bus” ambulances, police, and fire trucks can be automatically and instantaneously dispatched WITHOUT calling 911. Faster response time can save many lives.

Powered by NovoTrax

NovoTrax is the leader in “Smart City” technology. GPS and asset location tracking is at the heart of making correct and timely decisions. NovoTrax empowers decision-makers with real-time data.

On The Bus is proud to be integrated into the NovoTrax network of Smart Cities!

NovoTrax and On The Bus can help schools, governments, and companies effectively manage their fleets and every other asset.

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Get On The Bus for enhanced Child Safety Protection. It tracks when students enter the school bus, go inside a classroom, and return home at the end of the day. Parents can know where their child is located and know where their child’s belongings are located in real-time! Get On The Bus for real-time video surveillance on the bus. Get On The Bus to track immunization records and track COVID-19 contacts. Get On The Bus to track students in quarantine. Only On The Bus provides this level of child safety protection for student monitoring while riding on the bus and while studying inside of the school.

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